"That was one of the the most terrifying experiences I have had as a father."

Spencer Behrend - CEO KiLife Tech

When Spencer's son was just two years old, he disappeared into a crowd of 30,000 people, at a 4th of July Parade during just a split second of distraction.

Fortunately, Kimball was found after only a few, very long minutes. Looking for a solution to help the family keep track of their energetic little boy, Spencer discovered that more than 350,000 children a year were lost for more than 60 minutes and many more parents had experienced the same short-lived terror Spencer had. But, the existing solutions were unreliable, limited to outdoors, or not accurate enough to provide true peace of mind.

This became the catalyst for the creation of Kiband and the founding of KiLife Tech.

Parents and Nerds Who Know How to Run a Business

  • Spencer Behrend
    Spencer Behrend Founder and CEO

    MBA @ BYU, 2015. Six years early stage management, marketing, and innovation strategy. UVEF Peak 100 Entrepreneur.

  • Heather Palmer
    Heather Palmer Chief Mommy Officer

    Mother, photographer, and successful blogger. Heather adores being outdoors, traveling, and planning adventures for the whole family with her husband. She is an essential voice at KiLife Tech.

  • Jordan Baczuk
    Jordan Baczuk Co-Founder and CTO

    MSEE @ U of U, 2015. Six years experience managing full scale integrated systems creation. Graduate research in real-time radio signal processing.

  • Jeffrey Hall
    Jeffrey Hall Co-Founder and CMO

    BS Business Management @ BYU, 2014. Four years as President of integrated marketing consulting firm. Nationally recognized web and social media campaigns.

  • Kaitlyn Spell
    Kaitlyn Spell Director of Public Relations

    Experienced event planner and PR professional in retail sales and marketing. Pursuing a Bachelors in Communications with an emphasis in public relations.

  • Preston Jackson
    Preston Jackson Head Sales and Customer Development

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