How does your L.O.S.T. Technology Work?

L.O.S.T.™ is Line of Sight Tracking technology. L.O.S.T. ™ is a proprietary technology that alerts you when your child’s wristband moves out of your smartphone’s sight line based on your settings and algorithms assisted by machine learning. Using the Kiband smartphone app, you set the desired amount of sight line for any given situation. When your […]


New York! New York!

KiLife Tech Rings NASDAQ Closing Bell Wednesday October 13, 2015 Provo, UT— Not many start-up companies find themselves in New York City ringing the Closing Bell of the Nasdaq when they are just a great idea with an incredible team; but KiLife Tech did just that on Wednesday, October 13, 2015. KiLife Tech won the […]

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