How does your L.O.S.T. Technology Work?

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L.O.S.T.™ is Line of Sight Tracking technology.

L.O.S.T. ™ is a proprietary technology that alerts you when your child’s wristband moves out of your smartphone’s sight line based on your settings and algorithms assisted by machine learning. Using the Kiband smartphone app, you set the desired amount of sight line for any given situation. When your child moves beyond that setting L.O.S.T.™ uses Kiband to alert you and your child. Converting L.O.S.T. ™ measurements into a measurement of feet would be a range of 10 to 150 feet, though we have seen distances of up to 300 feet and our research team is working to commercialize a reliable long range L.O.S.T. enabled system.

There are many factors that can affect signal strength in addition to distance, that is why your key chain tracker might alert you even when you’re keys aren’t very far away. Some of these factors may include objects that obstruct the physical line of sight like walls, trees, and clothing racks. The way your child wears Kiband and the location of your phone may also affect L.O.S.T. ™ but our smart technology continues to learn and the more people using it the better it gets. The best part is, L.O.S.T. ™ creates a local network that can be used globally without cellular service, WIFI, or
GPS. This means that L.O.S.T. ™ does not have any monthly service fees. Using L.O.S.T. ™ also means that data can be reported more quickly than alternative technologies, up to 10 times per second! Check it out.

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